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Workshops & Gatherings

Workshops are nurturing spaces for communal connection, exploration and expression. Gatherings intertwine yoga and meditation practices with forms of creative expression. These spaces allow for deeper presence and discovery of self and others which can unfold to more clarity, acceptance, understanding and compassion. 



Head Wrapped, Mind Free 

Join in an afternoon of creativity and connection celebrating the history and symbolism of headwraps, mindfulness, and connection. 

The covering of one's head from the head wraps and hijabs to the sheitels and church hats are richly symbolic of ritual, culture, history and religious traditions. Yet, transcending the diverse names and symbols, the head wrap becomes a beautiful outward expression of presence, awareness and strength rooted in the soul.

Inspired by Paul Goodnight's artistic piece, the Head Wrapped, Mind Free Gathering will be a time of:

~ meditation
~ breathing
~ yin yoga, a still practice
~ creative expression through journaling
~ creation of one's own head wrap
~ personal and community connection

Also, joining the gathering will be Hafidha F. Saadiqah where she will share her personal journey and perspective on head wraps. 

Come as you are only having to bring yourself. Everything you need will be provided at the event including yoga mat and accessories; journal; pen, fabric; sewing instruction, materials and machine; as well as, food and beverages.

This gathering is limited to eight, to allow for a collective creation of an intimate space of connection. 

One’s mind, one’s crown,

Powerful, beautiful, uniquely created, not one the same…

Full of emotions…sometimes seemingly sane and other times not..

Full of knowledge and wisdom…formal and informal..

Full of thoughts and memories…good and not so good..

Full of chatter both internal and external…

Full of expectations and judgements...

self-imposed and imposed by others...

Challenging to calm and to still…

Connected to our heart, soul and body…

Nurturing and renewing always...

A key to the path to being and feeling free…
— Danielle Patrice


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