Season 1 - Episode 5 - Reading/Breaking & Stretching Through

Today’s episode is a poem by Mark Nepo, entitled Breaking Surface.

As I read this piece, I encourage you to explore, give thought to

1) What external factors, intergenerational patterns or traumas have you handed, taken on and/or experienced?

2) How has it manifested into habits and belief systems?

3) Are these habits and belief systems allowing you to break surface, to grow, evolve and bloom?

4) What will it take in terms of actual steps to begin or continue breaking surface?


Danielle Patrice, RYT 200, is committed to creating and offering spaces for healing and presence through yoga, breath, meditation and sound. She particularly is drawn to infusing live sound and spoken word. She believes these rituals help to cultivate mindful connections and communion with self and others. As a yoga teacher, Danielle’s teaching centers around practices of stillness and gentle movement. Visit her at


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