a word


I am constantly taunted by whispers and screams of my inner critic.    

  • I can’t do it
  • I am not ready
  • I have never done it before
  • I will never be as good as
  • I have made too many mistakes
  • I do not know enough
  • I am not good enough

Mind shenanigans is what I call it. Indian writer Rita Ghatourey describes these shenanigans as weeds within the garden of the mind. She says thoughts that form words are planted seeds that take root, blooming as flowers or weeds.

When I look at my mind garden, flowers and weeds coexist. Depending on the moment,  season or speed of my life, my garden is easily overcome with weeds that hide and suffocate my flowers of freedom and fullness.

The struggle is real. Self-talk that arises from words and thoughts is powerful.

words matter

words live and breathe

words root, grow and dwell

words manifest

But in this struggle, what grounds and comforts me is a statement my father always said as he preached,

there is a word from above

This reminds me that no matter what, there is always a word of nourishment and encouragement. For me, a word uproot weeds allowing my flowers to bloom and flourish.

Quieting my inner critic has been about constantly sowing and harvesting on words that feed and uplift. These words come from many places - sacred texts, guided meditations, mantras, books, posts, conversations, creative expressions, music, speeches, quotes, people and actions.

For you, these words may or may not come from the same places but that is not important nor the point.

What is important is how do you quiet your inner critic? What are you sowing and harvesting in your garden?

Are you feeding and uplifting yourself with

words that infuse, sustain, strengthen and encourage

words that calm, ease, center and soften

Not confined by a certain form, definition or belief

I offer to you how I quiet my inner critic

Whether it be out loud, in my head, or in writing; with confidence or hesitancy, these words have become a daily ritual.

  1. I am a unique expression of life, breath and light, there is only one me

  2. I am divinely rooted, led and supported

  3. I am uniquely unfolding and evolving into my higher and best self

  4. I am good enough

Out of this intimate internal work, these are affirmations that help me every day.  As many of you, I am still on this journey but I felt called to share with you what meets me where I am as I nourish and encourage myself. Hence, the birth of a word.

Starting with this blog, I am launching a multifaceted resource platform that offers accessible materials and tools that encourage and nourish

to help tend to and cultivate our garden of being - mind, body and soul

to remind to begin, remember, reclaim and restore our authentic bloomings

to support in catching up with ourselves

a word reflects what nourishes and encourages my soul - expression, connection and ministry. a word embodies Rooted Blossom’s mission of creating and holding space for connection and communion with self and others.

I invite you to subscribe to this offering knowing that you are empowered and have choice to take only what you need in order to care and tend to your garden of being.

I also invite you to come and join me in meditation, yoga and creative expression practices that help, remind and support you in greeting, connecting and communing with yourself.

a word as well class and workshop information can be found on my website www.rootedblossoms.com.

I would love to connect with you!


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"a word " with Danielle

"a word" is the expressions of writings, sounds and blogging of Danielle Patrice, whose life's work is shared through Rooted Blossoms.  Rooted Blossoms offers speaking engagements, yoga, meditation and creative gatherings, based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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